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There are those of you—people who live in mild, sunny climes—who will undoubtedly ask why I'm reviewing a rain jacket (and there are more to come) when the rainy season is, like, so over. To such people, I say, "You lucky bastards."Perhaps the rainy season has wrung itself dry in your neck of the woods, but for plenty of us riders, our friends mud, clammy chamois and downpour are just now hitting their stride. I know I've got a solid three months of precipitation in my immediate future and I'm not alone (I'm looking at you Buffalo, Eugene, Portland and Burlington).

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Neither Connecticut nor Notre Dame have lost a game this year - mostly because these old rivals haven't played. That changes Tuesday.For the first time in men's and women's NCAA Division I basketball history, two teams with zeros in their respective loss columns will play for a national championship."I think a lot of people go in playing UConn, they see their jerseys and they've already lost the game," Notre Dame guard Kayla McBride said. "I don't think we're like that. I think we have a certain swag to us, and I think it's like that with any team."And I don't know, I think we already don't like each other, so that adds to it, too."

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Richard Power Hoffmann's lightbulb moment - a beautifully simple, why-hasn't-anyone-thought-of-this idea - is now being projected through the twin 15-kilowatt xenon short-arc lamps of IMAX theaters."Watermelon Magic," the charming, 30-minute tale of a little girl (Sylvia Green Hoffmann, the director's daughter) and a patch of watermelons, was shot with his Canon 5D still camera. Hoffmann employed the technique in his 2007 shorts "Fridays At the Farm" and "Prayer For Philadelphia," winner of that year's Great Expectations: Citizen Voices on Philadelphia's Future competition (cosponsored by The Inquirer).
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When I was a kid, an old dairy farmer I worked for told me: "Boy, it doesn't matter how you milk your cows as long as you do it the same way every time." I've learned and lived his words for the past fifty years and, by gosh, are they true. Cows love routine. The more things stay the same for cows, the safer and more secure they feel. Here is my abbreviated list of best practices for milking a cow, learned over many decades in the barn.
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Standard & Poor's downgraded New Jersey's credit rating Wednesday, citing what it described as the state's structurally unbalanced budget, overly optimistic revenue projections and reliance on one-time measures to help close the budget gap.The ratings agency reduced the state's general obligation debt one step, to A+ from AA- and lowered ratings for other kinds of debt, an action that means the state stands to face higher borrowing costs. S&P also offered unsparing criticism of the state's financial position a little more than two weeks after Governor Christie unveiled a $34.4 billion budget.